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German imported electric single head brushing base

Release time:2018-07-16 11:18

Full name of the cow body brush: the swinging rotary cow brush and the cow contact begin to rotate, turning the cow at the most comfortable speed in any direction, the speed is smooth, from the back to the end, the cow is fully enjoying the comfortable and considerate life of the cow. The length and hardness of bristles properly stimulate the blood circulation of cows and keep cows clean and quiet. Cows with swinging automatic rotary body brush will be healthier, produce more milk, and also ensure that cows have the best and most comfortable living environment.
The unique design also ensures good safety, uses overload protection to prevent overheating. The IP55 protection grade allows the brush to be installed outside (if needed), when the brush body and the cow can start the rotating brush as needed, and the automatic switch can save energy if it is not used in 10 seconds. The use of high pressure cleaner is also easy to clean and promote the health of cattle shed.
Compared with other products, the swing type cow brush can touch more parts of cows, and can minimize the cattle shed space needed for operation. The pre installation structure makes the installation more convenient and simple. The cylindrical brush can be installed on the wall and can be installed on the bullpen column. If the installation position of the sheds is appropriate, it will help the flow of the cows and guide the cows from the feeding area to the rest area. Proper positioning will help prevent cows from scratching and scratching themselves on shelves or elsewhere.
The strong and wear-resistant design ensures the long-term efficiency of the investment, and the sturdy and durable spring ensures the safe and steady swing of the body brush, and the brush body contains 20 separate parts, which can be replaced when some parts of the brush are worn, not all.
The swing cow brush has proprietary technology and unique design, so that your cow can get a safe and effective carding effect.
easy to install
Install flexibly on a wall or a column
Low energy consumption
Easy to clean
Suitable for the use of 50-60 cows
Promote the passage of cows
Improving the health and welfare of dairy cows
Increase the production performance of cattle

Pre installation makes field installation easier and can be installed in any open cowshed or outside.


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